Start your trip off on the right foot for a more pleasurable travel experience:

  • Arrive at the airport an hour and a half prior to your flights departure. This will alleviate most check-in issues and long line waits.
  • Pack your bags properly. By ensuring your checked bags are within the airlines weight guidelines can help you reduce unnecessary costs. Make sure your carry-on baggage follows the airline and TSA guidelines. Continental permits 1 bag plus 1 personal item, such as a purse, laptop, portable dvd player, etc. More information about Continental’s carry–on policy can be found here.
  • At both the security point and boarding area, ensure that your boarding pass and proper identification is ready. For international travelers, remember to bring a valid passport.
  • If you have arrived at your departure gate early, take this time to relax or have a bite to eat. These tips will help you have a pleasant flying experience.


Keeping up with air travel security guidelines can be tricky, here are a few tips to assist you:

  • Follow the TSA 3-1-1 policy pertaining to carry on liquids and gels. You are allowed 3 oz or smaller containers that must be packed in a 1 qt or smaller clear plastic, zip-top bag. Each traveler is allowed 1 bag. Read more about the TSA 3-1-1 rule at
  • Pack sharp objects including knives, scissors, nail clippers, etc. in your checked luggage. These will not be permitted as carry-ons.
  • Organize your carry-on using the layer method. Start with a layer of clothes, add your electronics and personal items, another layer of clothes, and then any heavier items you may be traveling with. The layer method can help you get through the security line with less hassle.
  • Still unsure what items are permitted in your carry on or checked luggage? Visit the TSA website for more information on permitted and prohibited items. The full list can be found here.