Passenger Information

The Bradford Regional Airport currently offers daily flights to Pittsburgh International Airport. On the average day, more than 260 flights to over 80 destinations depart from Pittsburgh. With easy access to that many destinations, you can make the Bradford Regional Airport your gateway to the world.

Tickets & Flight Info:

 The Bradford Regional Airport is currently being serviced by Sun Air Express. You may contact Southern Air Express directly at 1-844-878-6247 or visit their website to find cost-effective fares around the world.

Travel Agents

Booking your trip through a local travel agent is also a great option. Travel agents go out of their way to ensure you are getting great rates and can often reduce some of the stress involved with planning and organizing a vacation or business trip.

Booking Online

The internet is often the first place people look when booking any travel accommodations. These online resources have become so popular because of their competitive prices and easy access. If you are flexible with your travel dates, using these online resources can often help you save money by booking on slow days or making your reservations for more than 30 days in advance. Start planning your trip by placing your destination and other details in the box below. 

Security and Check-in Information

Much of the stress of travel can be reduced by understanding security and check-in procedures at the airport. Passengers departing from the Bradford Regional Airport must go through a routine security screening by the TSA. To make your screening process quick and hassle free, visit the TSA website for a list of approved and disapproved Travel items.

Remember to arrive at the airport early to go through the check-in process. Arriving early allows you to avoid long lines and alleviate any check-in issues you may have. At the Bradford Regional Airport, we strive to make your check-in process as convenient as possible while ensuring safety and security for you and other passengers. Visit the travel tips page and learn about more ways to make your trip stress free.

Flight Tracking 

Checking the status of a flight? Fill in the information in the box below to get up-to-date flight information.