Buildings and Storage Facilities

All Storage is Duty and Customs Free

Because the storage facilities at the Bradford Regional Airport are located in a Foreign Trade Zone, you can save money by storing products or items that typically get charged customs fees and duties!

Hangar Storage in Bradford PAHangar Space

Hangar space is generally available year round at the airport. Hangars provide secure storage for not only airplanes, but other large items such as boats, sports cars, etc. If you are looking for a large storage facility to keep your items secure and out of the weather, please contact us today for availablity. Storing your large items at the Bradford Airport is an efficient and cost effective solution.

Industrial StorageBradford Regional Airport Industrial Storage

The airport has available storage space for your storage needs. Our space is large enough to accomodate anything from palleted products to piping. We also have the capability to unload or load your cargo with our on-site forklift. Because the airport is considered a foreign trade zone, you can store your products duty free.


Bradford PA Storage FacilitiesPersonal Storage

The airport also has space avaialble for personal storage, both short term and long term. Our storage units are secure and will keep your items out of the elements.

Vacant Land

Vacant LandUsing vacant land may also be an option for your storage needs. The airport has several acres of vacant land available for your storage needs. Vacant land is a good option for storing larger items such as piping or lumber.

For availability and pricing, please contact the airport at 814.368.5928 Ext. 10.