Advantages of Air Charter

From the point of view of the customer, an on demand charter flight can be summarized in four words: efficiency, comfort, privacy and flexibility. Flying by charter differs from scheduled aviation in many ways.

Event-centered Scheduling

Traveling to a conference or meeting? Now your organization members can avoid losing a day or more traveling to and from areas with poor airline access. On Demand flight schedules around the event schedule and can often access airports closer to the event that airlines use. Flights also originate closer to where the attendees live, meaning you spend more time at work or home rather than "on the road".

Corporate Flights

You may be a corporate travel planner trying to get 2 or ten executives from Bradford to Detroit with as little downtime as possible. When safety and privacy are on your list also, an on demand charter is the answer.

Ground Transport

You may be trying to move a group from your company to New York City or members to Washington, D.C. On demand air travel gives you the freedom to organize the trip around your needs.

Scheduled Flights are Always Someone Else's Schedule

First, there is the long drive to and from large commercial or international airports, picking up and clearing airline tickets, checking and tagging your luggage (hopefully not losing the luggage. These activities can strain your energy and decrease productivity.

Second, when you must fly on a scheduled air carrier flight, you are traveling on the airline's schedule, whatever that is. You will be flying to their hub-and-spoke routes, making connections (when they are on-time), changing planes (running from gate to gate), and most times doubling or even tripling your travel time.

Third, the wait in lines with no end in sight, only to disrobe, unpack, be searched and then get dressed.

Fourth, you repack and again regain your dignity, while finally climbing aboard an aircraft with 300 perfect strangers that may have nasty little germs and bugs that you definitely do not want to make acquaintances with. Any thought of a useful and private business meeting on board a commercial Executives Meeting on Aircraft Charter Flightairliner is all but hopeless. Completing work confidentially or otherwise is more than a challenge.

On Demand Travel Charter is the Solution

You fly where you want, when you want, in the plane you want, and with who you want. You can have virtually any extra amenities you choose. Each year more business and pleasure travelers are discovering the advantages of charter travel. Time is money and every wasted moment is a lost opportunity. On Demand charter puts you in control of your schedule.