Recent Developments at the Bradford Regional Airport

There is more to the airport than just flights. Economic Development is always changing at the Bradford Regional Airport. One of our most recent developments was the PA National Guard Facility that was erected on location. The Pennsylvania National Guard recently held a ribbon cutting ceremony on a $15 million Readiness Center located directly off the Airport Access Road on 23 Acres. The Airport Authority conveyed the 23 acres to the PA National Guard and worked with the department of General Services on the site development.

National Guard Facility Location Pre-ConstructionBradford National Guard Facility During ExcavationNational Guard Facility - Horse Removing LogsBradford PA National Guard Facility Post ExcavationBradford Airport National Guard Facility Wall ConstructionBradford PA National Guard Facility at the Airport
Stryker Brigade Readiness CenterStryker Brigade Facility Post ConstructionStryker Brigade Ribbon Cutting Ceremony