Snapshot of the Bradford Regional Airport

The Bradford Regional Airport has an estimated value of over $50 million; this figure is based on the cost of the first private airport constructed in nearly 20 years. The Branson, Missouri airport a facility which is very similar in size to the Bradford Regional Airport was recently constructed at a price of $155 million.

Economic Impact – A 1999 Pennsylvania Statewide Airport System plan reported the Bradford Regional Airport has an annual economic impact of 8 million dollars in the region. For 2010, we estimate the regional impact to be approximately $15 million.

1025 acre facility – 475 acres are used for airport operations; the remaining 550 acres are available for economic development initiatives.

Benefits of the Bradford Regional Airport

  • Provides commercial airline and general aviation services
  • Serves as a gateway to area visitors and promotes tourism
  • Businesses in the region rely on the airport to transport their employees and to ship and receive cargo. Vendors and customers also rely on the airport for access to local businesses.
  • The Airport adds to the quality of life by providing flight training, air taxi services, recreational flying, aerial photography and surveying.
  • Supports the medical communities need to transport patients, physicians and other vital medical necessities
  • Entices potential businesses and organizations to relocate to the area

Airport supports over 16,000 air operations a year

  • 6,500 GA Local Operations
  • 3,000 GA Itinerant Operations
  • 2,000 Air Taxi Operations
  • 1,500 Military Operation
  • 3,000 Air Carrier Operations

Current Statistics

Runway 14-32

  • 6,309 feet long, 150 wide runway with partial taxiway
  • Category 1 Instrument Landing System (ILS)
  • Automatic Surface Observing System (ASOS)

Runway 5-23

  • 4500 feet long, 100 foot wide runway

Terminal Building

  • 12,450 square feet

Maintenance and Storage Facilities

  • 42 Private Hangars
  • Jet A Fuel Farm
  • 100 LL Fuel Farm
  • Pilot Lounge

Airport Tenants

  • Airport operated FBO
  • Continental Connection / Gulfstream International Airlines
  • Hertz Rental Car
  • Airport Restaurant
  • Transportation Security Administration
  • Hill-Top Aviation
  • BK Aircraft Service
  • Larry Kissel Flight Instruction
  • Ray Lewis Flight Examiner
  • Twin-Tier Aviation Association
  • 31 Based Aircraft

Progress Report

Economic Development

  • $15 million Pennsylvania National Guard Stryker Brigade Team Readiness Center
  • $1.8 million Public Water and Sewer Project
  • $2.3 million Multi-Tenant Facility being developed with engineering in progress
  • Over $11 million in Airport Improvement Projects
  • 32 oil and gas wells currently in production, airport receives 1/8 royalty on all production
  • Installed gas line for 200,000 cubic feet of free gas annually, additional gas purchased at the well head rate
  • Acquisition of an additional 100 acres of mineral rights
  • Acquisition of additional 14 acres with 4 bedroom house
  • Planning and site development in progress for a 25 acre KOZ Aviation Business Center & 82 acre KOZ Airport Industrial Park

Financial Operations

  • 21% decrease in County Subsidy from a total of $251,700 in the 2000 Budget to $197,877 in the 2001 Budget. Since 2001 County
  • Subsidy has remained constant with no increase for the past 9 years
  • Over $10 million dollars in Capital Improvement Projects have been completed at the airport since 1998, with the Federal Aviation
  • Administration funding of $9.4 million; State funding of $452,000 and Local funds of $300,000
  • Outstanding debt reduced 61% from $435,000 in January 2006 to $172,000 in December 2008
  • Additional revenue of $621,000 since 2003, over $323,000 through oil and gas development and $298,000 through other natural resources revenues.
  • Additional revenue of $160,000 with the sale of 23 acres to the PA National Guard
  • Active timber management program

Air Service

  • Continental Connection/Gulfstream International Airlines service to Cleveland utilizing B-1900 aircraft
  • 63 domestic and international connections

Special Grant Awards

  • 2009 - $120,000 Pen-Dot Bureau of Aviation Development Grant for acquisition of 14 acre parcel and house
  • 2008 – $90,000 Pen-Dot Bureau of Aviation Development Grant for airport improvements and acquire equipment
  • 2008 – $50,000 Pen-Dot Bureau of Aviation Capital Budget Grant for the multi-tenant facility, Phase I Design
  • 2006 – $15,000 Pen-Dot Bureau of Aviation Development Grant for installation of gas line
  • 2005 – $50,000 Pen-Dot Bureau of Aviation Capital Budget Grant for terminal improvements and acquire equipment
  • 2005 – $280,000 Department of Transportation Small Community Air Service Development Grant

Airport Awards

  • 2008,2007,2006,2004 Bradford Era – “ Top Ten Stories of the Year” for the many positive initiatives occurring at the airport
  • 2006 Pennsylvania Department of Transportation - “Innovative Award”
  • 2005 Bradford Area Chamber of Commerce – “Large Business of the Year Award”