Cape Air to Tentatively Begin Servicing BFD Fall  2020


Cape Air is a northeast based airline with over 30 years of experience as a regional carrier.  As you may have read recently we at the Bradford Regional Airport have, after considerable discussion and much consideration, recommended them to the US Department of Transportation as the new air carrier to serve our market.  Should Cape Air be awarded the contract change will come later this fall.  Flights would continue going to Pittsburgh International Airport 4 times per day.  Ticket prices will remain at the same low price you have come to expect when flying from BFD.  Cape Air has partnerships with several major airlines including Delta, United and American as well as Jet Blue, Condor and Alaskan.  This means that when connecting to any of these partners you will no longer need to retrieve and recheck your luggage in Pittsburgh.  

To learn more about Cape Air please visit them at

Information on ticketing with Cape Air will be published after the DOT makes a decision and awards a contract, likely later this summer. 


The Bradford Regional Airport will continue to maintain committed to a strong working relationship with our current carrier.  Southern Airways Express has faithfully served the region for over 5 years providing comfortable and reliable flights to PIT.  We urge you to continue to purchasing tickets at and flying with Southern Airways Express to access all of your favorite destinations around the world.  Our Southern customer service agents here in Bradford will continue to offer the same excellent service they always have.

Questions can be directed to

1(814) 368-5928

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