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The primary runway at the airport is runway 14-32. It is 6,300 feet in length and 150 feet in width. 14-32 is asphalt paved with a strength of 92,000 pounds for large aircraft utilizing a dual-tandem wheel landing gear configuration, 60,000 pounds for those utilizing a dual wheel configuration and 48,000 pounds for aircraft with a single wheel configuration. The runway consists of precision Instrument Landing System (ILS) and is outfitted with a high-intensity runway edge lighting system (HIRLs).
Runway 5-23, the airport's crosswind runway, is 4,500 feet in length and 100 feet wide. It is also asphalt paved and can accommodate a strength of 48,000 pounds for aircraft utilizing a single wheel landing gear configuration. The runway consists of non-precision instrument markings and is outfitted with medium-intensity runway edge lights (MIRLs).

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Fuel Services

The Bradford Regional Airport serves as a Fixed Based Operator (FBO).  We are a full service retailer of Avfuel branded fuels including both JetA with or without Prist and 100LL Avgas.

For more information call 814.368.5928 Ext 11 or email us 

Rental Cars

The airport has rental cars available for pick up and drop off on-site for your convenience.

ACE Rental Cars is located inside the terminal building.  Rentals at BFD are available round trip only at this time.

Reserve your car today.  We can not guarantee a vehicle for those without a reservation and stock is limited.  At this time we do not have a crew car to offer visiting pilots.  Local Ride Sharing services are not always available.


*proof of insurance required

at time of pick up

Ride Sharing

Some of our neighboring communities do have ride sharing options available however at this time service is not dependable enough at the airport for us to recommend it.

Other options, Limos, Buses, Etc.

Ramp Services

Battery Cart                                        $35 (Waived with fuel purchase)

De-Icing (Type 1)                                 $50 HR/labor Plus $19.50/Gal. for fluid

Misc Ramp Service Fee                         $50/Hour labor fee for misc. services

*   $100 minimum charge for any ramp services

** $100 Call out fee 1st Hour - $50 hour there after

Landing Fees

Light Twins (Under 10,000 Lbs)               $19.50

Heavy Twins (10,000 Lbs & over)           $1.95 per thousand

*   The landing fee is waived with any fuel purchase
** No landing fee is charged to aircraft based at the Bradford Regional Airport

Aircraft Parking & Tiedown

                                               DAILY      >300 GAL    MONTHLY

Single Engine                             $5.00        N/A          $50.00

Light Twins (<10,000 lbs)             $10.00     $5.00         $75.00

Heavy Twins (>10,000 lbs)          $20.00     $10.00       $100.00

Hanger Fees

T – Hanger / Brick Hanger           $30.00 per night

Forrest Oil Hanger                       $75.00 per night or portion of (May-Oct.) 
                                               $125.00 per night or portion of (Nov.-Apr.)

Monthly Hanger Rentals Available for $80-$300 per month. Please contact the airport for details.

KBFD Hangar Lease

Interested in renting hangar space at KBFD? Please call us for availability.

Click Here to view/print our Lease.

Aircraft Maintenance

Pilots Lounge open 24/7 to any and all pilots!

Is camping your thing?

Visit our recreation page for more information!

Interested In Learning to Fly?

Interested in becoming a pilot?
Instructor Steve Jackson has been training pilots at KBFD for many years. For questions or to learn more about becoming a pilot you can call Steve at 716-378-7893 or send an email to