Southern Airways Express requires all guests to wear a face covering when inside our terminals, gate areas, and aircraft. This is to assist in reducing the spread of germs & communicable diseases while traveling. This can include a mask, bandana, scarf, or other forms of facial protection.

Everything a Passenger Needs to Know

Tickets & Flights

The Bradford Regional Airport is currently being serviced by Southern Airways Express. You may contact Southern Airways Express directly at 1 (800) 329 0485 or visit their website to find cost-effective fares around the world. Tickets from Bradford can also be booked at

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How Do I Book My Flight?

  1. Visit Southern Airways Express and book directly with the airline.  Or call 1(800)-329-0485 for assistance.      Weekdays – 5:00 am to midnight ET  Weekends – 7:00 am to 10:00 pm ET

  2. OR visit American Airlines to book flights from BFD with multiple destinations on one ticket and with seamless baggage transfers to your final destination. 

  3. You are always welcome to visit customer service at the Bradford Regional Airport for direct assistance in booking a flight.  

Security and Check-In

Please arrive at the airport an hour before your flight to go through the check-in process. Just like a larger urban airport Southern Airways Express can not guarantee boarding to those who do not check in on time.

Much of the stress of travel can be reduced by understanding security and check-in procedures at the airport. Passengers departing from the Bradford Regional Airport must go through a routine security screening by the TSA. To make your screening process quick and hassle free, visit the TSA website for a list of approved and disapproved travel items.

At the Bradford Regional Airport, we strive to make your check-in process as convenient as possible while ensuring safety and security for you and other passengers.







Airport Terminal/Passenger Lounge

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We want your trip to be as stress free as possible. Our terminal and passenger lounge makes it easy for you to relax while waiting for your flight. You will also get the benefit of fast and friendly customer service agents. While you are waiting, feel free to visit the Airport Restaurant for lunch or dinner. Please call (814)362-4836 or visit here for current hours.

Questions about connecting to another flight or retrieving your luggage call Southern Airways Express Customer Service at 1-800-329-0485.

Questions regarding getting around Pittsburgh International Airport, ground transportation or other airport issues visit

Spring 2021 will bring daily flights to Washington Dulles International Airport in addition to our continued service to Pittsburgh.  We anticipate schedules and reservations for these flights to be available in early 2021.  Please watch our Facebook page for the most up to date information.

Rental Cars at KBFD

The airport has rental cars available for pick up and drop off on-site for your convenience.

Ford Rent-A-Car by Zook Motors has been providing outstanding customer service to our passengers and visitors for several years.  Their like new vehicles far surpass anything you'll get from a big chain. 

Call 1-877-549-7225 to reserve your car today.  We can not guarantee a vehicle for those without a reservation.

Ride Sharing from KBFD

Some of our neighboring communities do have ride sharing options available, however, at this time service is not dependable enough at the airport for us to recommend it.

Other options, Limos, Buses, Etc.

1(814) 368-5928

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